Winter Conference 2021

   8,000 people attended our online Winter Conference, and here is how some said they were impacted.

“God has been showing me over this weekend how HE does the work! Its is our job to plant the seeds in people and tell them about Jesus, but the Holy Spirit convicts and puts in the work!”

“Guess who just shared the Gospel with someone, who also decided to accept Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior!”

“Winter Conference allowed me to connect with other people and share my testimony! One person I connected with decided to dedicate their life to Christ and another has started leading a Bible study on their campus!”

“It was hard moving to a new town during a pandemic. Just when I was reaching my lowest and getting weary of trying to find a church, I visited one more. I met a Cru leader there and this week I went to their Zoom Bible study and they invited me to come to Winter Conference this weekend. I really feel like God reached me at the end of my rope and is bringing me back to His feet!”

You have access to all our talks and seminars at

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