Demonstration & Proclomation

     “Why are you here?” Anastaci asked. “Most people show up, get a paycheck, and leave.” 

     During Spring Break in Dallas, one group of Cru students got to serve at Mercy Place, a home for teenage girls, many of whom have been sex trafficked, suffer from major psychological issues, and are now awaiting foster care.

            While some students built garden boxes for the teens one sunny day, many of our student women got to engage in spiritual conversations. Three of them sat in the grass outside the home and answered Anastaci’s question by saying, “we’re here because God has loved us so much that we want to share that same love with you.”

That started an incredible conversation and, even though every two minutes a girl would come up shouting that lunch was ready, they were able to share the whole gospel. Anastaci invited Jesus into her heart, experienced the forgiveness of her sins, and had her relationship with God restored! Students all over the world are being equipped and empowered by the Holy Spirit to share their faith, and we’re seeing students and others in the community come to know Jesus!

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