High School Graduates

   A number of people have asked us about resources related to the transition from high school to college, so we felt it would be good to send you this information immediately:

On Sunday, May 16, high school students from across the nation will join us virtually for the National Senior Sendoff called “Faith for the Journey.” This celebration will feature performances, spoken word, and inspirational testimonies from Christian artists and speakers of this generation. It’s a combined effort of Cru and the many other ministries that team up to form EveryCampus.  We’re encouraging high school graduates to seek the Lord and pursue gospel communities during their transition from high school to college.

If you know any graduating seniors (or their parents or youth leaders), please let them know about this event.  Please also pray for students to come and respond to this opportunity, which can make a difference between a path of light or darkness as these young people take a huge step toward independence and who they plan to be as they grow up.

Also, if you haven’t seen it already, the Every Student Sent site can tell you and your seniors if there is a ministry on the college campus that they’re headed to. Just type the name of the college/university into the search bar and it should tell you every active ministry on campus.

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