Churches Reaching Students

     Each week a Cru team in North Carolina prayer walks two of the 85 colleges in their state, especially those with no known gospel activity. They also reach out to churches in the vicinity of those campuses. Recently, one of those meetings was a tremendous encouragement in our search for local churches who will reach out to the students in their back yard with the gospel.

Pastor Chris greeted us by saying that we were an answer to prayer. The church leadership had been praying for the local campus for over two years.  They’ve been trying to figure out how to have an influence there, but they were feeling stuck and lacking in expertise. As our team heard more about the church’s ministry philosophy and commitment to seeing people become disciples of Jesus, the discussion naturally evolved into partnership.

Pastor Chris is connecting us to a professor and a student in the church who love Jesus and want to have a personal ministry on campus. Our goal is to work together to launch a new campus movement in fall 2021.  Please pray for a successful launch this fall and that God would forge more partnerships like this around the country.

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