Thriving Over Summer

   We have been so proud of our son’s involvement with Cru Middle School this year.  Not only has he been motivated to attend—even giving up other fun activities so he wouldn’t miss it—but he’s been asked to emcee, lead the game, and even teach on occasion. 

     For the final meeting of the year, Arthur teamed up with 3 other students to teach on “how to thrive in your walk with God over the summer.”  They worked from this Cru Bible Study, and took turns teaching the different sections.  Their premise was that “we start to grow in our faith as we learn more of Jesus and his love for us. This study explores some of the ways that growth happens in our lives.”

     They studied Acts 2:42-47, which describes the first days of the Church (and which Karen and I have used to teach college students about what a Christian fellowship should be like).  They learned that the first Christians grew by listening to teachings about God and spending time eating and praying together.  They saw evidence of growth as the believers shared their faith and more and more people came to a saving faith in Jesus.

     They also taught the group how to study the Bible on your own, by sandwiching their reading with prayer, and journaling about the passage with 3 questions: 

1.) What does this say about God? 

2.) What does this say about me (or people in general)? 

3.) What can I do to apply what I’ve learned to my life?     

     Would you pray for Arthur (and students at every level) to stay strong with the Lord over the summer?

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