Strength of an Olympian

  Everyone in Estonia knows the name Tiidrek Nurme because Tiidrek is fast… really fast. He was just awarded Estonia’s athlete of the year and is competing in the Olympics. Tiidrek loves to run but he also loves Jesus and represents his Savior to those around him. For him to get where he is today, he needed people around him to inspire him and help him train. One of our ministries, called Athletes in Action, focuses on pouring into athletes like Tiidrek, who in turn influence entire nations. Here’s what Tiidrek said about the impact Cru has on him:

   “My career as an athlete has not been some sort of individual project, but a team effort. A sports chaplain with Cru, named Nick, is a key team member. Nick’s presence in my training camps and competitions is one of the secrets to success. In the sports world we have lots of attention on results, records and achievements. It is easy to get lost in those things. Thanks to Nick, I am more focused on Jesus. He has a very sensitive heart to the Holy Spirit. That makes his faith in Jesus attractive! I am very thankful to Jesus to know Nick. I believe God brought our ways together!”

   Pray for athletes, and learn more about our ministry to them at

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