Getting Back Up Again

            Those of you who have followed us a long time may remember Eric from our mission to reach students in Los Angeles back in 2014. Even after he graduated from college, Eric and his family were a great blessing to the ministry, and to us personally when they hosted me on several trips to CA.

            During the pandemic, we lost touch. When we finally did get back in contact, Eric told me that his life had drifted far from the Lord. It started with spending more and more time with non-Christian friends and less and less with his church community. He gave me permission to share that a series of bad choices led to sin and eventually being arrested. All kinds of feelings flooded my heart, and lies of the enemy tried to steal the joy from all the good God had done through us together. But, God is not done with Eric (will never give up on Eric), and neither will I.

   When I spoke with him, Eric wasn’t sad but happy! He said that this was the wakeup call he needed. He was shocked to realize how dark his own heart is apart from the Holy Spirit’s lordship, and he wants to use this clarity to rebuild a path of walking with God and His community. Pray for Eric’s future!

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