What God’s Been Teaching Us – Chronic Pain

   Some of you already know that Karen has been struggling with chronic pain for many years. We have been to so many doctors, and been prayed for and over by so many people. We’ve heard from both medical and spiritual experts that something more seemed to be going on than could be detected. We confessed sin, believed in God’s healing and love, rested in His peace, allowed his grace to be sufficient, and set our eyes on eternity ahead, but it still didn’t change the fact that Karen’s pain stood in the way of a lot of the life and ministry we wanted to pursue here on earth.

   Over the summer, at another seemingly dead-end doctor’s visit, our attention was drawn to a book on the display that promised a “cure for chronic pain without surgery or drugs,” which struck us as odd in an urgent care facility. We were encouraged to learn that the author, Dr. Brady, is a hospital MD, is a Christian, and had done rigorous research on how the body, mind, and spirit are connected (largely to pursue his own healing for years of mysterious chronic pain). Cautiously hopeful, we saw the book was only $2 on kindle, so we gave it a try.

   The author quoted Sir William Osler who said, “the great physician treats the patient [not just the disease].” He also cites THE Great Physician, and refers to King David’s heavenly doctor appointment in Psalm 38, where he links his physical ailments (back ache, heart palpitations, weakness, and vision problems) to his emotions (his guilt had overwhelmed him). David’s solution is to dig out and express those buried feelings to the Lord and then entrust his life firmly into God’s hands: “Lord, I wait for you; you will answer, Lord my God.”

     The life stories and advice in this book resonate with us. Please pray for Karen, as she follows Dr Brady’s and others’ advice by diligently digging out the buried emotional sources of her physical pain and laying them out on the altar.

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