Reaching Seattle Students

             One of our goals with church partnership is to go where the gospel is not.  With at least 18 registered Christian clubs, University of Washington is not one of those places.  However, in the same metro area, there are twenty-one campuses that have NO KNOWN ministry presence!  What an opportunity to do something new, and to work together as Jesus said the Church should (John 17:20-23).

     This September, as part of a training, we are arranging for Cru leaders from all over the country to meet with churches that are in close proximity to several of those “unreached campuses.” 

     We’ll also host a lunch panel for college and young adult pastors in the area so our Cru staff can learn more about how the local churches are ministering to young people, and to build a network for these pastors to lift each other up and reach the city together.

     After the event, it’ll be my honor to follow up with each church and guide them toward efforts of evangelism and discipleship with the college students in their own back yard.  Please pray that the Lord uses this as only He can, and that we are able to bring similar united efforts to many other locations.

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