Reaching Disney World

     Karen and I are thrilled to welcome Alex and Joel (whom I got to disciple on campus years ago!) as they join the Cru team ministering at the Disney College Program dorms.  Here is some of what they have recently shared…

     The Disney College Program can be a dark place, with pleasure-seeking that leaves many dealing with the consequences of sin. Yet, in the midst of that, God is raising up multiplying disciples to shine a light for Christ amongst a lost generation! They are taking steps of faith to bring hope to the hopeless despite possible rejection and persecution by their peers. Our team is working to share Christ alongside these interns by coaching them in evangelism, resourcing them with relevant new tools and techniques, and spurring them on to boldly be the hands and feet of Christ wherever they go.

     One student, Abby, talked about how she had been wanting opportunities to be a light to people while she was in Florida, and that she wanted more from her time in Disney. She said Cru was an “answer to prayer,” and now she is one of Alex and Joel’s student leaders.

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