Reaching New York State

     Using a new strategy to make ourselves known on the internet, our team has had many students reach out to us to help bring the light of Christ to their campus.  Many of them are attending schools in the SUNY (State University of NY) system, where my friend Chris has been directing his attention.

     I have been partnering with Chris to find local churches who can empower these young leaders, and have identified 58 churches near the first four campuses investigated so far.

  Chris and I have had several great conversations with pastors and volunteers who already have a heart to shepherd the students in their area, but my favorite encounter was with Nathan.

     Nathan, a professional chemist, began working as a professor for two reasons: to do research, and to make Christ known to students.  He has a heart for apologetics and, in the field of science and education, he stands against the stereotype that you have to turn off your brain to follow Jesus.  Nathan has had bible studies with fellow faculty and discipled a handful of students who have come to his church, but is excited about the idea of working with us to do more.

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