A Volunteer of Volunteers

You know that your prayers and support help us coach students and volunteers on college campuses, but did you know our team works with high schools and middle schools as well? If you don’t think it’s possible for older generations to share the gospel with students today in a way that is meaningful, listen to Crista’s story!

Though her kids have all graduated now, Crista continues to volunteer with Cru High School with a heart for evangelism and discipleship.  It’s been over ten years now, and she has helped launch a Cru movement at both the middle school and high school in Coon Rapids, MN.  She has seen at least 51 people put their faith in Jesus in just the last few weeks!  One of her favorite tools for sharing the gospel is called “The Four,” a presentation of Bill Bright’s classic 4 Spiritual Laws guided by 4 symbols on a rubber wristband that correspond with four simple truths: “God loves you,” “sin separates you,” “Jesus rescues you,” “will you trust Jesus?”

Last month, the bitter Minnesota winds couldn’t stop Crista and her team from draping themselves in neon signs and heading out to the community Trunk-or-Treat with bags of the rubber bracelets (and candy of course).  While other cars were sporting spooky decorations, these ladies were shining the light and hope of salvation and the love of God!  Hundreds came and 29 kids put their faith in Jesus.  One highlight was a group of high schoolers who invited Jesus into their hearts along with their mom!  It is an incredible blessing to work alongside these godly volunteers and missionaries to reach students at every level. 

Let us know if YOU know a middle school, high school, or college student that we could talk to about reaching their school for Jesus!

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