Winter Conferences

Winter Conference is one place where, time and again, we have seen students grasp a greater vision for their lives. This December, 2,536 students attended across 4 cities.  They worshiped Jesus together, our speakers called them to a life more in line with the Scriptures, and they were equipped to share the good news of Christ in each of the four cities (where 41 people indicated decisions for Jesus)!  Here are a few of the things students shared from the week:

“Before coming I had felt very distant from God and felt like I was becoming a lukewarm Christian. This renewed my faith!”  -Faith, junior

At the outreach, while I was sharing what Jesus means to me, I realized I was doing what scared me so much. It was actually very fun to chat with people! It gave me new perspective on evangelism!”  -Bethany, senior

“I literally became a Christian today.”  -Nate, senior

“I’m eager to go out and do what God has called me to.”   -Ayana, sophomore

Please pray that Ayana and the rest would return ready to follow God on campus.

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