Cru Staff in Ukraine

Karen and I were blessed to be part of a global prayer call where we heard live from multiple Cru staff and students in various parts of Ukraine, some in real and current danger of attack.  I’ll share some greater and heavy detail below but, for brevity, I’ll list their requests first:
Pray from 7-9 EST each night (2-4am Kyiv time), because that is when attacks are strongest, while people are groggy with sleep.Pray for sleep and perseverance, as residents describe their utter exhaustion, many having traveled for days and under nighttime bombardment as well as fear and stress.Pray for heart change for the president of Russia.  Only Putin has the power to put an end to this, they report that Russian soldiers don’t even necessarily realize what they are doing.Stand with them publicly, working to persuade other nations to step in and posting #myzvamy – which means “we are with you”Give as God leads to the Emergency Fund that is helping our 120 Ukrainian missionary staff as well as refugees.
A group of students shared from the darkened basement of their apartment building because air sirens were going off.  Their internet went out in the middle of sharing, but one of them came on later to reassure us they were still okay.  In tears, Yaro pled for prayers that he would survive the night (stuck on the 24th floor in the #1 targeted city).  He also worries for his parents, who live outside the army-protected cities while lines of transportation are cut.  Natalia exclaimed how utterly exhausted she was and how life felt like “literal Hell.”

There were over 300 of us on the call from all over the world. It was especially powerful to hear Russian staff apologizing on behalf of their government, saying that citizens feel like their president is ignoring them and fighting a war of one.  As prayers rained in from South Africa, Brazil, Korea, and the Balkans, it felt very much like we were a united and precious family.  I’ve never been so close to such suffering and fear before, but I’ve never been surrounded by more courageous faith, either.

May we feel this pain alongside our brothers and sisters, and may we all be willing to go, do, say, and give as the Lord leads.  But, may we also lay the responsibility and all our lives in the hands of God, who alone is LORD over all.

Please feel free to reach out to us for updates, or if we can help walk with you through this hard time.

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