“Sorry I’m so tired,” Tito told his discipler. “I was up until 4am last night.”

     Tito is a senior on the football team, and a member of our sports ministry there, called Athletes in Action (AIA). He’s the kind of guy who always has a question–something he is ruminating on–but he has struggled in the past to move from thought to action.  When challenged to lead the weekly Bible study, Tito has declined every time. When challenged invite his teammates, he rarely did. Tito has been thrilled to grow in his faith at AIA, but has stopped short at sharing this faith and community with others.

     That’s why what he said next surprised his discipler so much: “I’m glad we’re having lunch today, because I ended up talking about faith and God and stuff with my suitemate and another good friend from the football team. It was wild. But I actually really enjoyed it and was so surprised at how much they wanted to talk about it.”  He had the biggest grin while saying all this.

     Please pray that Tito would continue to feel a growing sense of God’s pursuing love for his friends, and an increasing boldness in lovingly sharing his relationship with Jesus during his final weeks in school and for a lifetime after graduation.  It is such a blessing to help build these communities where students learn to become missionaries to their friends and family in every area of life!

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