Do you know any young people (high school or college) who love Jesus AND love video games?  Please send them this image and pray that God would show them how to live in balance, walk with Him in every area of their lives, and use their passions and opportunities to be a light to those of similar interest!

     In preparing to engage this people group that is new to Cru, I sought to learn from Karlena from a Cru ministry called StoryRunners.  Many of the unreached people groups they serve have no written language at all, so how do you teach someone the Bible when no one can read?  The same way Jesus did, by telling stories!

     Traditional teaching is proving less effective in a “post-literate” America, too, but story still gets to peoples’ hearts.  This is certainly true among game players, who LIVE for story.  Please pray for our students to become great listeners and great storytellers!

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