Summer Team Training

     As our staff team gathered from around the country to prepare for leading our students on summer mission, we had the chance to spend extended periods of time in prayer, build team bonds, and get oriented to the mission work ahead. 

     We also got to learn from some of our expert leaders about Innovation, At-Risk Leadership (warnings, prevention, and resolution), the Abundant Life offered in Christ, and some awe-inspiring doors to ministry opening up in a part of the world we’re calling “The Crescent Window.”

     All of these were powerful times, but it probably isn’t a surprise to you that our favorite was the segment on innovation.  Building relationships between Cru and other ministries and local churches, ministry to board game and video game community… yeah, we’ve always been “outside-the-box” thinkers, but I can’t remember the last time I saw Karen get this excited!  She was so full of creative ideas, and free to inspire and be inspired.  Edison set a personal quota of one invention every 10 days.

     The innovation team extends an invitation once each year for staff members to attend their residency program in the Fall.  Please pray that we are selected to take part in helping to shape the future of Cru with the innovative wiring God has given us.

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