Sharing Jesus on Campus

Colleagues Clayton and Dan with a student they talked to about Jesus

     It was a beautiful day to be on campus!  Karen and I were able to spend time at one of the biggest colleges in the nation last week.  Our goal: to talk to students and faculty about Jesus.

     We got to meet many people with the simple question, “would you help us with this survey about spiritual things?”  Billy, an AC contractor, was wary, having been approached several times in the past by people who only seemed interested in pushing their faith.  Steven, a Math professor from Canada, acted deeply content in his atheism, though he struck us as almost dead inside. 

Karen and Jeff talking to students about video games and Jesus

Peter, a student from the Philippines, voiced his pain over being tied culturally to a religion that always acted unloving, but showed great interest in the gospel booklet we gave to him (students LOVE paper things)!  Mike, a marketing professor, was fascinated by our presence and has been texting Jeff ever since!  Please pray for our team that will keep reaching out on campus all summer!

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