Teaching to Partner

Adonis and Pastor Sam

     What a blessing it has been to work with 9 students from all over the world who gathered at Cru HQ to serve this summer.  They have been faithfully working with me to find Freshmen on dozens of campuses in the US that have no Cru (many of whom have no gospel presence at all that we could find).  Once they find the key “people of peace” on a campus that God is calling to act as missionaries to their school, our students are gathering them for a vision meeting and helping equip them to launch!

     At the same time, I’m teaching these 9 intern-students to look up churches near each campus and start a dialogue about how God could use us together.  This is so vital because the local churches have a regular presence in the community and the opportunity to get into the lives of the students to a degree we never could.  A perfect example is Pastor Sam in Utah.

     Our student, Adonis, has found several believers at the university, but very few have been willing to be outgoing about their faith, especially in such a heavily Mormon area.  Pastor Sam, however, was thrilled to put us in touch with the 15 students that have been coming to his church right across the street.  We are incredibly blessed to have found a partner who can be our guide in an area so strongly represented by a different religion!

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