Playing to Win… Souls

     As part of our gaming ministry summer mission, each student & missionary was challenged to find a community they identify with in order to build relationships that can lead to sharing the gospel.  One father/son team decided to host a tournament outreach with a popular game called Rocket League.  They met students we might never have come into contact with otherwise, receiving glowing reviews from those who competed and a desire to continue to plug in.  Please pray that God would open doors in these students’ hearts to talk about the love of Jesus.

     We also had the opportunity to present gaming ministry training to campus staff from all over the country during our bi-annual staff conference in Milwaukee. We invited Sam, our pro eSports athlete ministry partner, to help lead the discussion. Please pray that the campus leaders would take what they learned from us back to their schools this Fall, reaching a new batch of students with the gospel.  Pray also that this would be the start in building a network of gaming missionaries both nationally and globally!

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