Imagine a boisterous youth leader paired up with a quiet, not-sure-what-he’s-in-for freshman boy stepping into a humid and bustling courtyard of students to represent Jesus.  What a neat blessing to have our son Arthur learning from Carlos (our Cru missionary at the local high school).  We were so proud of our son as he helped man their club fair table.  He courageously spoke to older students at a school he’d never before attended.  That was just the start!

     The next week, on Country Western day of Spirit Week, Arthur and Carlos navigated crowded halls of cowboy-attired students to deliver 40 pizzas for an outreach event.  Around 100 high schoolers heard Cru students share their testimonies using “The Four.” 79 people filled out comment cards and 25 of them said they invited Jesus into their heart that day!  Please pray as Arthur and the team follow up with these new believers and invite them into Bible studies at the high school.

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