Strangely Easy to Share

    One of the core ways Cru spreads the gospel, and one of the first things we teach Christian students to do, is to walk their campus starting conversations with new people and inviting them to learn about our Lord and Savior. We coach them to never take that conversation where the other person is unhappy to go; our goal is to leave each encounter with the other person closer to Jesus than when we started. We realize that most of the time people won’t go from hostile to new believer in one interaction. That said, these “random conversations” led to many people giving their lives to Jesus (2,056 total salvation decisions so far this year among our different evangelism strategies)!

Pray for “Broken Bonds” and “Blissful Dawn” (screennames of those we met)

    It may sound strange, but one of our favorite places to go on campus is wherever people go to smoke. People there are usually not rushed and are more open to chatting. The same is true in some video game spaces, like VR Chat. In the midst of people being weird and silly, my friend Frank and I met a college student who opened up about a recent tragedy, and his friend who struggles at her job. All this without leaving the house. Pray for more like this!

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