Ministry Design Sprint

  Both Karen and I have also been blessed to take part this year in an Innovation Residency, where we learn how to move a group of people to strategically solve the most important problems in an organization. The centerpiece of the year-long program is called a Design Sprint, where think-tank teams will spend a full week researching, developing, and testing prototypes to solve what are seen as the most pressing issues facing our ministry.

   All residents were asked to pitch what they believed most needed a Sprint. Karen planned to pitch on helping Christian communities be a safe place for people to be authentic and thrive emotionally. I hoped to pitch on engaging the 3.2 billion video gamers in the world. Though we were prevented from presenting by a pretty serious health scare (more on the back), I put together this video. Leadership awarded me a Sprint to explore how we might create an event experience that draws students from the gaming community into trust-based relationships with their Christian peers for the sake of the gospel. We are so excited to see how God will use this time of collaboration!

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