Brand New Outreach

  Empowering Christian students to reach their friends with the gospel is the core of what Cru is about, but some students have bigger hurdles than others.  During our week-long Design Sprint, we decided that one of the hardest students to reach is the female gamer (we named her “Zelda”).  Gamers in general often have stories of having felt rejected by the Church, but women who play games are frequently hurt by other gamers as well!

     So, we designed an event intended to deepen a trust-based relationship between “Zelda” and her Christian friend who’s involved with Cru (named “Peach”). The event is called #LFG-IRL, because gaming students experience isolation and are “Looking for Group – In Real Life.”

     Please pray for us as we seek to experiment with this and other strategies to meet students of all kinds whom God is calling to be part of His family forever. Pray that we can work out financial, logistic, and manpower hurdles, and that we would learn quickly how to honor these folks and point them toward Jesus!

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