Friendship Evangelism

  Last fall, Cru students organized a “games and food” hangout in the grassy quad of a California campus. Alden, one of the freshman leaders, invited his friend Ernesto to the hangout. That day, Alden and Ernesto began talking about faith & what it means to follow Christ.

     A few weeks later, Ernesto started texting Alden with questions about God and the messages continued over Winter Break. Alden decided it was time to invite Ernesto to ask Jesus into his life, so he planned to text him about that the next day.

     The next day, Alden sent his message with the invitation and was thrilled when Ernesto responded: “I just did last night!” (at a church service he attended while visiting his cousins). Now, Alden is being trained in how to mentor a new believer to grow in their relationship with God.

     Please pray also for Lalo (pictured here). Just like Ernesto, Lalo has been intentionally coming every week to these hangouts right after Bible study. He enjoys playing games and community, and he is open to talk about faith but unsure about what he wants to believe. Thank you for investing in these students who are taking bold steps of faith so that their friends and classmates can come to know Christ!

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