Partnership Story

  Braelynn, a young adult leader in SoCal had this to say about her church’s experience partnering with Cru:

We wanted to do a better job of outreach, but didn’t know how to get started. A local Cru leader began helping me, and this training really gave our people some confidence and a vision for how God could use us. Fifteen young adults went to a community college near our church to ask students about their faith background and perspectives. At first, our group was pretty timid, but our first steps to engage with students completely opened our eyes. We quickly saw the openness and spiritual interest of many of those who were willing to talk with us. The Soularium tool we used made it really easy to open up great conversations.

     Cru winter conference shifted how our church and students see evangelism, and the time there has motivated all of us to think about those who aren’t involved anywhere yet. We’ve started making outreach a normal part of our ministry. We’ve done some Prayer Walking on campuses, and we’ve decided to launch a new campus ministry at another college near to us, where our young adults are leading and owning the ministry.

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