Ministry Retreat

  Since Covid, the campus ministry staff here at world headquarters have largely been spread out and isolated.  On top of the pandemic, the space we were gathering in has been under construction for 2 years, and that has made it difficult to cross-pollinate in the ways Karen and I are particularly gifted.

     That is one reason our team made it a priority to host a retreat this month, where we could re-connect and celebrate what God is doing through our work around the US. Our theme was “how God loves the outcast.” Many learned that they were not alone in feeling like outcasts themselves, and we worked to build safer community.

     Karen shines in these spaces especially, because she has discovered her calling is to provide prayer and encouragement for God’s people. She leapt up on stage to identify as someone who doesn’t have a permanent spot in the office, but comes in to fellowship and bless people from all departments. She also took every opportunity to get to know people and make them feel special.  We were thrilled to be able to bring our own children as well, so they could get to know the other Cru teens in our area.

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