After Big Break

Last year 3,858 people heard the entire gospel and 504 precious folks declared a new and saving faith in Jesus Christ!

That’s just the ones who prayed on the beach, but here’s a story of what happened after the trip!

My name is Rachel, I attended Big Break for the first time this spring I wanted to let you know how God has been at work. I went to Big Break because I wanted to learn how to be a faithful witness to Christ. I had not anticipated how the Lord would use the training to change my life.
Before I left the conference I felt God was leading me to share the training with a group of ministry friends who work with teens and children. We meet up every couple months for a Bible study. I texted a few people and they were excited about learning how to start spiritual conversations and share the gospel.
A couple weeks later I was able to share what I had learned: the survey, the KGP and the issue of both fear and our calling to evangelize, to a group of young adults. A month later four of us went to the mall in the evening and talked to twenty people in two hours using the survey and KGP.  During that time we saw many seeds planted and two young girls pray to accept Christ as their Savior. For two of our group this was the first time they had shared their faith and they told me they plan to go back to the mall over the summer to keep it up. (I live three hours away, so I won’t be able to go with them often) 
Because of Big Break I’ve been equipped to start spiritual conversations with my friends and coworkers, have the desire and drive to go out and keep having spiritual conversations with strangers, and have been able to share
 what I’ve learned with other Christians who have likewise gone out to share their faith. All things I would never have anticipated happening a year ago. God is using CRU and this conference to change the lives of Christians and non Christians all over the US. It’s been incredible to see Him glorified over and over.

I wanted to thank you for all that each of you do. I know a lot goes into a conference, there are a lot of people who put a lot work in. God is using you to change lives. I continue to pray for the ministry of CRU and the people involved.

Rachel Fetting
I can’t wait to see what he’ll do this year, and you can join us in praying for the new believers each day by clicking here!