Movie Evangelism Strategy – Beyond the Mask


Movie Evangelism Strategy:

  • Send a friend the trailer/showtime and go see it together.
  • Go out for coffee afterward, talk about the movie and the theme of William’s regrets and how he tried to change himself.
  • Talk about your own regrets and ask them about theirs.  Ask, “what do you think it takes to really change who we are?
  • The next day, send them an email, text or Facebook message saying something like, “I had a great time hanging out!  That theme of regret and changing your identity stuck with me when I went home and I found this article.  I’d love to chat again to hear what you think of it.”

How You Can Change The World:beyondthemask

  • When the “Passion of the Christ” by Mel Gibson did so well, Hollywood got a wakeup call which started a renaissance in faith-based films.You may not realize, but in America we vote with our money. When you go see a movie in the theater, you help filmmakers decide what movies to make. If you want to see more movies with gospel principles in popular genres like this, the best way to make that happen to get Hollywood to notice, is to help films like this do well in theaters.
  • In today’s world, you also have the power to make a difference without spending a lot of money or time.Every time you “like” something or share it or comment, you draw people’s attention to that thing. We don’t have millions of dollars to spend on advertising campaigns, but we do have you, our brothers and sisters in Christ to get behind a fun movie that is also a cause for Christ. This power goes beyond this film too. If you are intentional about what you post, God can use you powerfully for the kingdom by being a billboard for him… in addition to cat videos :).

Other Videos:


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