Church Partners Guide

Click here for a printable pdf version.  Also, find the “Church Partner Agreement” here.


Club Fair: and other 1st 5 weeks ideas

Element Leaders: one student leads each of the following…

  • Prayer: to help the group focus on talking to God… about everything
  • Evangelism: to help the group to reach out to lost students with the gospel
  • Bible Content: to help the group understand God and His mission through His word
  • Community: to help the group grow together so outsiders see your love and praise God

Events: Conferences, retreats and mission trips

Discipleship: All leaders and interested students mentored with “The Compass”

Senior Challenge: Disciplers coach upper classmen to live missionally after college.



You can help your high school student get plugged in with their youth group or a high school ministry.

As they prepare for college, help them know what to expect when they get there.

You can find a ministry on campus and even introduce them to students who are living for Jesus where they will be.  That will help them have a vision to be a missionary to their school.

There are books that can help and you can teach them how to initiate with strangers, share with friends and deliver the gospel message.


Keep upper classmen engaged as they prepare for what’s nextCru High School can equip them as missionaries to their school and you can prepare them by sharing the gospel, praying for/visiting your local campus and sending care packages to students you know.

Invite students as guest speakers or a Q&A Panel.  Avoid the drop-off that often occurs during their first few unengaged weeks on campus by connecting them to the campus ministry at their chosen college.


Tier 1:

While you’re still investigating, here are some options that involve minimum commitment.  Contact us to:

Tier 2:

Tier 3:


     The best way to connect with grads is to meet them while they are in college.  Here are a few ideas:

     With all their passion and experience, Cru grads can be a great blessing to your church if you help them adjust to life after college:

We’ve told you about a lot, based on partnerships that have gone well so far, and it may feel like drinking from a fire hose… or maybe we missed something important.  If you have any ideas you’d like to try out or for us to share with other partners, please contact and ask to connect with the “Church Partnership Specialist.”  We believe God has called ALL His children to be a part of fulfilling the Great Commission, and that it won’t be done until we are one (John 17:20-21)!