First Meeting – Large Group

We want those involved to invite their friends and roommates comfortably, and to be able to explain why Cru is worth coming to.  It’s our hope that they will be able to truly say from the heart that the reason they go to Cru is “to experience God personally.”  It may have lots of fun and fellowship, but this idea (if true) is what will get people off the couch to come even when their favorite show is on.

It is SO EXCITING that you are planning your first meeting!!!  We praise God for you, for all the work God has done in and through you to get you to this point, and for this amazing opportunity to be a light in these future world-leaders, equipping them to be missionaries in possibly the most important battleground in the world (the college campus).

While the meat of the ministry should happen in small groups, outreaches, discipleship and individual students living on mission, the weekly meeting has an incredibly important part to play on campuses that can support it.  Most students will first encounter Cru through this event.  It is a centerpiece for building and maintaining momentum, welcoming newcomers and keeping the vision strong!

How do we craft a weekly meeting where people experience God personally and also feel like they belong?  Here are some great resources:

For some awesome videos on all the topics above, check out Rock Your Meeting