First Meeting – Small Group

It is SO EXCITING that you are planning your first meeting!!!  We praise God for you, for all the work God has done in and through you to get you to this point, and for this amazing opportunity to be a light in these future world-leaders, equipping them to be missionaries in possibly the most important battleground in the world (the college campus).

Below is a proposed agenda for your first meeting, and later meetings could easily follow a similar pattern.  If you are not alone in leadership interest, ask your other leaders to each take on 1 or 2 of these roles (Community, Prayer and Bible) while you emcee, oversee them and cover the Evangelism role.  These do NOT have to be permanently assigned roles, which could spook your volunteers, but just for the day to “try them on for size.”  Delegating these roles will help to have different voices speaking enthusiastically to the group!  As the meeting overseer, you need to decide ahead of time how much time to give to each item in the agenda (suggestions added for a 60-min meeting) and be the time-keeper throughout.

  • Community (15 min): Have students introduce themselves and answer, “why did you show up for a Cru meeting?  What are you looking for?”  Draw out of them the equivalent answers of “prayer, evangelism, bible content and community.”


  • Prayer (5 min): Open with a brief prayer, being sure to ask that the Lord lead this meeting and this group.  Pass around cards for people to fill out prayer requests.  Let them know they can be anonymous if they want, but they’ll be shared with the group online throughout the week.


  • Bible (20 min):
    • Have a couple people read Acts 2:42-47.
    • Introduce it as a description of the first church and how we want to model that kind of fellowship.
    • Ask people to identify a few things this text uses to describe what the first church did.  You are looking for people to (in their own words) pull out prayer, bible, community and evangelism.
    • Ask them what sets this group apart from all the other meetings and devotional times they already have access to.  Why should we bother to meet?  What can we accomplish here that none of those other activities can?  You are looking to draw out of them that this group is all students of this campus and that they have the best opportunity to reach this campus for Christ.


  • Evangelism (15 min): Watch a video like this if you can.  Talk about how the vision of Cru is to build a community of believers on campus to be missionaries to their classmates.  Mention tools, training, events and trips that can equip them to be a light for Jesus and watch Him do ETERNALLY valuable acts through them if they are willing.  Explain that these meetings are to help us grow together as an effective gospel strike team on the campus.  To that end, confirm the next time to meet.  Invite them to a Facebook Group or other social media handles?


  • Prayer (5 min): Collect the prayer request cards to post with the Facebook Group.  Ask for a volunteer to close in prayer, hopefully someone who seems to get the vision of this movement.


  • Community (flexible): Pass around a sign-up sheet with “Prayer, Bible Content, Evangelism, Community” slots available.  Say, “we’re glad that you’re here!  We don’t want to leave without giving you the opportunity to sign up to be a champion or part of a team to move us forward in one of these elements.”  Dismiss those who have to go, then hang out.  This could be more of the Ice-Breaker game(s), a soda run, Frisbee, whatever they and you are interested in.

Spend a few minutes getting to know each other and look for some fun commonalities.  You could use Soularium cards to ask about their week or play an ice-breaker game.  Invite anyone who has time afterward to hang around and play some more.