Campus Ministry Handbook


For a printable church partner’s guide, click here

This is our vision, and on this page is everything you need to Win, Build and Send students to reach the world for Christ.

If you are launching a movement for the first time, email so we can walk with you!

8 Ways to Launch a New Ministry

First 5 Weeks of School:

Leadership Team: one student leads each of the following…

  • Prayer: to help the group focus on talking to God… about everything
  • Evangelism: to help the group to reach out to lost students with the gospel
  • Bible Content: to help the group understand God and His mission through His word
  • Community: to help the group grow together so outsiders see your love and praise God

Events: Conferences, retreats and mission trips

Discipleship: All leaders and interested students mentored with “The Compass”

Senior Challenge: Disciplers coach upper classmen to live missionally after college.

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