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The idea behind your job is to help the group build bonds, so that you can grow toward God together and that outsiders will see your love and praise God (John 17:20-23). Some practical ways to do that are:

  • Follow-Up: Contact all new visitors to the group and anyone who indicates interest through surveys and sign-ups. Calling is best, then texting and email. Click here for email, text and phone scripts.
  • Publicity:

1. Evandelism: Write the club’s name and events and/or on top-right corner of blackboards in classrooms

2. Postering: Get permission to hang posters. Find out from faculty advisor or student activities. They are our friends

3. Get a great Facebook group going and post all events. Be sure to invite everybody you meet. You are the welcome committee

  • Plan Fun Events:

1. Campus Crossover: Do something with the Cru at a nearby campus. This will be a boost for both groups.

2. What does the group like to do?  Hammocks?  Frisbee?  Board Games?  Ice Cream?  Movies?  Bowling?  Help people to get to know each other.

  • Promote Cru Events: Generate excitement and plan carpooling
  • Weekly Icebreakers:

1. Short silly games, more games or full game nights that help people get to know each other

2. Use Soularium to ask what people’s week was like

  • Social Justice: Enable members to share God’s love with the poor in their community.
    • Try a “Justice and Jesus” series and invite your non-Christian friends to explore both at once in a community-building environment.
    • Contact Cru Inner City, Unto, or your local church and come alongside their efforts to the poor and oppressed nearby and around the world.
    • Talk to your Student Government Association (SGA) and work together with other clubs.
  • Liason: Help Cru bless other clubs, surrounding churches and the community

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