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The idea behind your job is to help the group to reach out to lost students with the gospel. Some practical ways to do that are:

Club Fair Table:


1. Give away Freshmen Survival Kits (FSK) (1 item/student… usually).

2. Ask people to fill out surveys.

3. Answer any questions, ready to present the gospel for those who want to know about the gospel.

4. Enter surveys into MissionHub and follow them up in order of priority

Evangelism Training:

1. With strangers – Video Training and Resources

2. With friends – “CoJourners Training” (single lesson); CoJourners Cards (20 Short Discussions )

3. Testimony Workshops – Micro Testimony, Re-Imagined, Snippets

4. Digital Training – “How to Talk About God” email series.  Have your students sign up!

Pizza & God Outreach Event:

Invite students to join you for free pizza and soda while sharing their experiences/opinions about life and God.  More details here.

QuEST Week:

1. Single Lesson – “KGP” booklet

2. Single Lesson – Modes of Evangelism

3. Play-act going through a QuEST Survey and KGP

4. Students sign-up for a day during QuEST week and a partner to share together

5. Celebrate and tabulate results.

Additional Ideas:

Find more ideas by searching “evangelism” on CruPressGreen.com or check out the article 250 Evangelism Ideas

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