Pizza and God

“Free Pizza!”

A better tool for outreach to college students I’ve never heard. Add to that the possibility of an intriguing conversation and an open floor toPizza and God share their opinions and mouths begin to water.

What is it? – We provide free food while asking open-ended questions about life and worldviews. The gift of food is as unconditional as God’s love.  During this event, we don’t require anyone stay or to hear our side, giving them a true sense that they are being cared for and listened to, rather than being used only as a means to get our ideas across.

For about $100 worth of pizza and sodas:

  • Interested students hear the whole gospel, sometimes leading to a decision to trust in Jesus
  • All students feel heard and cared for, frequently inspiring their curiosity of our views
  • Suspicious students receive a free gift, dispelling stereotypes they have about Christians
  • Busy students begin to think about eternal life and spiritual things, sometimes for the first time
  • Uninvolved Christians find a network of support, and help grow the ministry as well


1. Instructions / Discussion Questions

2. Flyers and Posters

3. Feedback Survey

Actual Student Comments

What volunteers and pastors have said:

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