Annual Events

Josh McDowell Wyoming SuperCiks

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These events are a great chance to see students grow in leaps and bounds as they rally with other campuses, immerse themselves in God’s teaching and take big steps of faith to reach the world for Christ.

  • Weekly Meeting— FREE, 1 night (usually Thursday), 7-900 students (by campus); spiritual growth, fun and fellowship
  • Fall Retreat— Usually around $100 (by campus); 1-3 days; great bonding, speakers, seminars, men’s/women’s time, talent show
  • Winter Conference—About $250 (by region); 5 days; 1,000 students; many campuses, speaker, seminars, new years party, outreach in the city
  • Spring Break—About $500 (after food & transportation); 10 days; 1,000 students,; mission trip to share the gospel with partying vacationers
  • Summer Missions—$2-3k (by trip); 200+ mission trips of up to 10 weeks; 30 students; around the world with lots of evangelism, discipled by a Cru missionary


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