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The idea behind your job is to help the group focus on talking to God… about everything. Some practical ways to do that are:


  • Faithful to Five (F25): Each student lists five people they want to pray for to receive Christ. They can write them on a bookmark, found here. Each week, take time to pray for everyone’s F25 list collectively and ask if anyone has news about progress with someone on their list
  • Leaders Prayer Meeting: Find a consistent time the leaders can get together for at least 30 minutes. Prayer meeting suggestions can be found here.
  • Prayer Table: Reserve a high-traffic spot on campuse to set up a table for the day. Have members sign up for shifts so the table is covered by at least 1-2 people. During their shifts, have people pray for the campus and take prayer requests from people (personally, or via request box)
  • Discipleship: Interested students sign up to be paired to a local church volunteer who will encourage and pray for them regularly. Submit list and all leaders’ contact info to Cru missionary.

Click here for additional Prayer Resources.

*Can sometimes also be the club president, in charge of running the leaders planning meetings, weekly meetings and making sure the other leaders are doing their jobs.

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