God is my Power (Bangladesh)

Hear a report from Ibrahim, changed through our ministry:

It’s a great opportunity for me to share my excitement. My name is Ibrahim. I have born and brought up in a Muslim family. From my childhood I know that Muslim is the right and big religious in the world. I had no knowledge about Christianity. I was addicted by wine and tobacco. Always I expend time with my bad friends who encouraged me to take drugs. I lose a lot of my father money for using drugs. That’s why I was very fearful of my parents.

One day in a market place I meet with [a Cru missionary]. I told him,  “Don’t come to our village and convert people. I know Christian people are very much clever, they give money and convert people.” Many time I gather lot of Muslim people and thereat him to never come and preach the gospel in our village.

After many days again I saw [him] leading a group in our village and sharing a story about sinful woman. When he saw me he told that we are sinful, Jesus died on the cross for our sins. By faith when we acknowledge our sins and committed to Jesus for clean He is ready to clean us. He offered me a cup of tea and invites me to join with the group meeting. After that several time I meet with him and he shared with a small booklet named Four Spiritual Laws and challenge me to receive Christ as my savior and Lord.

It was September 2013 when I have received Christ as my savior and Lord in a faith of prayer. Now God is using me very powerfully for His Kingdom. I have one house church with 14 people and one follow-up group with 7 people. I am developing Nazrul Islam as a lay lead so that he also can do same ministry. I am getting a lot of opposition from my society please pray for me so that I can do ministry more powerfully.

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