Cadet’s Life Changed During a Chat

So as they were pulling some security duty at the football game in order to earn money for their ROTC unit. Matt turns to…we’ll call im Joe, and begins a conversation. Matt is a cadet with the Marines who is an integral part of Valor (Cru’s movement to cadets) at the University of Delaware.  Picture1

Matt grew up culturally part of another faith background but through an invitation from a friend, began to attend a small group gathering on campus (not unlike the one pictured above). He started to ask a lot of critical questions about God and faith. Over time he was connected with one of our Valor leaders and eventually placed his faith in Jesus. Now using a Bible that our Valor leader got for him and with the aid of a strong Christian community, Matt is steadily growing in his walk with Jesus and sharing what Jesus did in his life with others on campus. Naturally, as they were standing there that day he began that conversation with an Army cadet named Joe.  As they talked it became clear that Joe was at least culturally Christian but was struggling with some wrong ideas about whether Jesus was the only way. That day at the football game began a spiritual journey for Joe, who after interacting with more cadets connected to Valor and other friends, became sure of his faith in Jesus as the only way. Now according to Matt, Joe is on fire for God and is growing exponentially in his faith. I look forward to continuing to check in with the cadets at Delaware to see how both Matt and Joe are continuing to grow. At Valor we have a vision of seeing the world reached with the gospel through the military community. Please pray for the continued growth of cadets in their faith. These cadets will become officers in all branches of the military and will have a unique opportunity live out their faith.