Discipleship is a pretty intense sounding word.  Instead, I want you to picture calling a friend and meeting up for coffee somewhere.  You sit down together and listen as he/she tells you about what’s been going on in their life lately.  They might ask you for advice on something, and you might have to get back to them for an answer.  After that, the two of you read a 2-page idea from the Bible and talk about it (again, you don’t have to have all the answers, you might even learn more yourself).  Then you pray for them and talk about a time to meet up again in a couple weeks. 

It sounds like no big deal, right?  But, it could actually help a student grow more than anything else in their life!

Oh, and you will eventually go out and try to talk to people about Jesus too… but it’s not as weird as it sounds and we’ll get to that later.

  • Why Disciple: Why should we engage in discipleship, and why shouldn’t we?
  • Who to Disciple: You can’t disciple everyone, so look for those who will run with what they learn
  • How to Disciple: Do Life together, Bible together and Ministry together

First Meeting

Curriculum: Access all the teachings and activities we ask our volunteers to take students through in a discipleship relationship.

Accountability: A list of possible accountability questions that can keep you both on track.

Further Reading: Discipleship Lessons from top programs

1. Collaborative Discipleship

2. The Compass

3. Ten Basic Steps

4. Life Concepts

5. DiscipleX

6. Discipleship Grid

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