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We have chosen this selection of lessons from The Compass because the topics here are foundational to everyone’s Christian walk.  This is not a time-based curriculum.  It is our heart that you would move through the levels listed below in order, but feel free to supplement other lessons to meet the need(s) of the student.

 *Note.   If you come across terms you don’t recognize (“the leadership model” and other Cru jargon), please feel free to contact the church partnership specialist.   We would be happy to explain it to you.

 Level 1: Walk by Faith

Make sure that the student grasps these 5 foundational areas and is proficient in teaching them as well.  

(For mature students, have them teach this to you.  Feel free to cover multiple topics if they are teaching you.)


Now choose 4 of the remaining 9 lessons to go through.

Next take the disciple through SHARING THE GOSPEL.  Then take them out to share at least one time using QuEST Surveys and the Knowing God Personally Booklet.  If you’re unsure how to go about this, review these training videos and/or contact the Church Partnership Specialist, who would be happy to help.

Feel free to go through all the “Walk by Faith” topics.  They are great foundational truths!

Level 2: Communicate Your Faith

Choose at least 6 of these lessons to go through.

Before moving to level 4, go through SHARING YOUR STORY, and have them communicate by memory their 3-5 minute testimony (which has a gospel presentation included in it).

 Level 3: Multiply Your Faith

Choose at least 6 of these lessons to go through.


Please conclude your Compass lessons with HAVING A WORLD VISION.

Next, read and discuss one of these recommended books:

At this point, let them know that your discipleship relationship is shifting more to a friendship, though you would always be glad to have them confide in you or ask for prayers and advice.  Continue to send them resources as you come by them and challenge them to pour out what they’ve learned in a discipleship relationship of their own!

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