Faith in Gaming Discussion

At Dice Tower Con 2018 (a board game convention in Orlando, FL) we were able to host a discussion group about the dynamics of faith in gaming.  Here’s the Facebook group born out of it and the notes from our discussion…

Faith in Gaming Discussion – Part 1 Summary

Does Faith have a place in Gaming?  YES
  • As believers we take God with us everywhere and faith should impact all aspects of our life including gaming (i.e. how we treat people, handling wins & loses, what games we play)
  • God can teach us life and faith lessons through games
  • Games can help teach others positive messages about life and faith
  • Games are very social and can help us interact with people from different backgrounds

Does Faith and Games ever clash?  YES
  • Gaming could become an idol: spending more time, money and other resources on it than we should when considering other responsibilities.
  • There may be times we feel uncomfortable playing certain games because of our faith. What can we do in these situations?
    • Respectfully decline to play certain games
    • Remove aspects of games we feel uncomfortable with
    • Take time to process which games make us feel uncomfortable and respond accordingly
    • Establish clear boundaries between acceptable behavior inside and outside a game that all players can agree on and understand
    • Be respectful of the boundaries and freedoms of others
    • Remember that gamers come from all walks of life and we must be careful not to be too abrasive with our standards, especially with non-believers

Faith in Gaming Discussion – Part 2 Summary

Focus: practical ways we can better integrate our faith life with our gaming life

What are some examples we have heard of or seen of negative clashes with faith around the gaming table?
  • People who have tried to force their faith-based standards on others who don’t share that faith
    • Or taken a group that was meeting just to play and forcing it into religious conversations
  • Games that have encouraged us to compromise our standards or dishonor God
    • Or the hobby itself becoming an idol in which we pour too much time, passion and money
What are some examples of positive interaction with faith around the gaming table?

  • Using games to engage people in a church
  • In D&D, a player decided to heal an opponent, some at the table were left wondering why someone would show that kindness
  • People respect others who are “genuine” and make their boundaries known
So after reflecting on those experiences: What are some ways we can positively integrate faith and gaming?
  • With non-Christians:
    • Making or deepening friendships with those outside your church
      • At a gaming store
      • In your home (game nights)
      • Through your church or other ministry game nights
    • Go out for food and grow beyond the table (ask the “Sometime Question”)
    • Utilize games like Soularium, Perspective Cards and File Zero to go deeper
    • Utilize resources like CoJourners and Missional Living to learn more about friendship evangelism
  • With Christians:
    • Use it to establish intentional relationships with believers (like having a small group based around a shared interest in gaming)
    • Maintain relationships around the world through social media and playing game with them online
    • Highlight faith or life lessons when encountered in any game
    • Continue to check out and support “Christian games” – games that intentionally try to share hope and faith in new ways such as…
      • Commissioned (feels like reverse pandemic as you plant the early church)
      • Animo (feels like Pokemon cards, but based on Biblical virtues & sins)
      • Wisdom of Solomon (worker placement)


  1. What are some other things you would like to share/ discuss?
  2. What would you like a discussion like this to look like for next year?
    • Would like it announced at the worship service
    • Would like a “how to” workshop on combining faith and gaming?
  3. What can we be praying for you about?

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