File Zero the Story Game

Fun with a Purpose

Ever wished you could help the young folks in your life connect with God in a way that captured thier imagination as much as TV and video games?  Maybe you’d like that for yourself as well!

Believe it or not, the board game industry and culture has experienced an enormous rebirth for all ages.  These games get people away from their screens and interacting with each other, and cooperative games even more so!

To that end, designer and missionary Jeff Grant is developing a game that will take the story of the Cru animated series File Zero and set it in a cooperative, “choose your own adventure” storytelling format similar to that of the acclaimed T.I.M.E. Stories.

The Story

In the year 23 of the New Era, the Elder controls the population with an iron grip. He has encrypted the historical files and thus erased human history for the citizens. A group of brave young hackers are decrypting the forbidden file to search for the key which is somehow linked to year zero of the old era. Unlocking File Zero will restore their history and recover a sense of meaning and purpose.

The Game

Players will bring their own unique storytelling qualities to the game, helping them engage, remember and build bonds.  This sets the stage for people to be able to get into each others lives and share the gospel as well.

Each scenario will open up new challenges as they get to know the characters and will also teach biblical and church history as well as discipleship lessons in a context where learning is almost an unnoticed side effect of having fun.

Click here to see a sample of what’s already finished.

To a donate to keep this project going, visit the designer’s support page.  Share the word and help us make a product that will bring people together!