Ministers in Los Angeles

  Another beautiful result of going to Southern California was the chance to reconnect with some of the incredible people there. I was able to have lunch with Keith, who has been working (and praying) in the entertainment world of Hollywood for over 40 years. His commitment to excellence and supernatural contentment have opened opportunities to minister to those who influence the world through movies, TV, and music. Please pray for Keith as he continues to stand in the gap in a mission field that is spiritually quite intense.

   Others special to my heart are those of Eric C’s family. I first met Eric when he contacted us to launch Cru at his college. Since running for Jesus on his campus, Eric has graduated and become a city engineer.

   Eric has welcomed me into his family with open arms. His mother, Monica, is a sweet hostess to me when I stay in town. His brothers, Kenneth and Luis, love asking advice about discipleship and praying with me. His father, Raphael, blesses me with long conversations, overcoming language barriers to pour into each other what God has taught us and how He has shown up in our own unique life stories. Please pray for Eric and his family to continue to grow and shine!

What God's Been Teaching Us (Healing Memories)

  In an article of our May Prayer Letter, I talked about the neuroscience of abiding in Christ (John 15:7-8). One aspect of this—with which I got to encourage the students of Destino—is healing memories. Romans 12:2 says, “Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.”

   Dr. Caroline Leaf explains that thoughts you dwell on (good or bad) actually form a physical structure in your brain. Toxic thoughts and painful memories can actually mess with the instructions your brain sends to your body (one reason why stress can weaken your immune system or even contribute to injuries). Capturing those thoughts, processing those memories, and allowing God to be sovereign over them can have a profound effect on emotions and even physical health. Isaiah 26:3 says “You [God] will keep in perfect peace all who trust in you, all whose thoughts are fixed on you!”

   But what does that look like practically speaking? Dr. Leaf explains that engaging deeply with the Lord has a measurable healing effect. Once you have captured a thought or memory, “the thought becomes ‘labile,’ which means it is unstable and changeable.… You can tear toxic strongholds down by choosing to bring the thought into conscious awareness for analysis and then changing it through repentance and forgiveness—which causes protein synthesis—and replacing it with the correct information, using Philippians 4:8 or a similar Scripture guideline.”

     In our quiet time with the Lord, we are filling our minds with truth from God’s Word, then in prayer, we ask the Lord to bring to light any thoughts or memories He wants to deal with.  We then look for areas in that memory that we need to confess/repent      (1 John 1:9), forgive (Luke 11:4), or thank Him for (Phil 4:6-8).

When Work Isn’t a Chore

     “Jeff, I thank God for you because God has used you to help me see that sharing our faith doesn’t have to be forced.”  This note from a pastor in NYC was so encouraging, a signpost that the work that Karen and I are doing is truly having an impact, not just on individuals but entire churches.

    We’ve been praying with and equipping pastors all across the country in how to reach, evangelize, and empower college students in their local areas.  We explain that ministry doesn’t have to be an activity that you switch on and off, or make extra time for in your schedule.  We can find communities that are part of our natural interests and live Christ to people in the stride of our life.

     For students, that might be with their dorm-mates, teammates, or people in a club they enjoy.  For other folks it could be breaking bread with seekers in a home group Bible study, making friends at the office, playground, or fishing hole.  I’d love to hear others echo this pastor’s words. “You’ve helped me see that when we’re open to welcoming others into our lives and willing to enter their world, God causes it to happen naturally.  We make new friends too!”

Filters of Hope

   When I felt the call to work with college students, I knew we weren’t directly serving the “widow and the orphan,” which is so central to the heart of God.  I also knew, though, that I’d have the chance to help mold our world’s future leaders to become more aware and compassionate toward those in need.

     This is one of the reasons I’m so thrilled about our partnership with Filter of Hope.  These folks, mostly former Cru students and staff, have refined an expert process for blessing the poor around the world.  We provide student laborers on Spring Break and Summer Mission trips to distribute water filters and share the gospel in communities they are working to serve. They seek life transformation both physically, by giving access to clean water, and spiritually, by sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Each team installs filters and teaches about Jesus in individual homes where Filter of Hope has strategic local partners.  They have distributed 61,500 filters in 49 countries that produce over 9 million gallons of clean water every day!

     Students are transformed by these trips with a greater understanding of God’s love for ALL people, and more motivated to serve their campus and society.  You can come with us by visiting Also, learn more about how service and evangelism intertwine through, a program Cru developed with International Justice Mission.

What God’s Been Teaching Us

   “Do you know your value comes from being made by God, not because of anything you do or any other reason?”  Karen shared this affirmation with our son in the car the other day just before a song came on the radio called God’s Not Done With You.  It was an emotional moment. 

            Do you ever feel like you’re not doing enough for God, like you’re a waste of His resources?  You know, even missionaries get that.  Sometimes God does lean on us to take bold steps for Him, and it can feel uncomfortable while we resist, but He is NEVER telling us we aren’t valuable.  God doesn’t make junk and, no matter what mistakes we’ve made—even recently—God will never give up on us or be done molding us.

There are times that this is hard to believe, in the midst of the swirl of feelings that hit us during the course of life.  A wise friend encouraged us to take time to pause regularly and really think about and accept how we are feeling.  Do you feel defeated, overwhelmed, incapable?  Those feelings are real and if we just shrug them off and keep plodding along, we’re not really moving forward.  After a while we feel, as Bilbo from The Lord of the Rings put it, “like butter scraped over too much bread.”

  I’m learning not to fight those feelings off (and later have people tell me that they can tell I’m feeling that way even if I’m unaware).  Instead, recognize and really grieve how you’re actually feeling, knowing that God is with us in that space (Psalm 34:18, Matthew 5:4, Psalm 23:5).  I picture having a house party when these feelings show up at the door.  Do I lock the door and find out later that they’ve climbed in a window, or do I welcome them in and walk them over to my guest of honor, Jesus, who knows just how to handle them?  I’m actually walking to the altar with my desires for control, safety, love and value.  As I surrender them, I get all those needs met by my Lord (Matt 11:28-29).

Art Ministry

      Of the now 64% of Christians who drop out of the church when they get to college, a majority of them are arts/entertainment majors who never learn how to integrate their subject with their faith.  We’re working to change that, and Christina is a good example.

     Christina is a student volunteer helping with audio on a faith-based entertainment industry podcast we’ve helped launch. With mentorship, she’s using her amazing talents in singing and audio production for God’s glory.  She just graduated from Full Sail University saying, “I’m excited to know that whatever I do as a career, the Lord will continue to give me His favor because I’m doing it for Him.”

     You can watch these video updates from our dear friend, Derrick Whitmore, on some of the other things God has done through our partnership with his art & faith ministry called Shattered Studios:

Fall Retreat

   Megan and Paulina had never been to Cru or met anyone involved. Yet, somehow they decided to go to Fall Retreat last year. How did that happen?

     “My mom saw a Facebook post and told me about it. She said she’d completely pay for me and a friend to go.” So, Megan invited Paulina, whom she had recently met in class. Megan and Paulina got into a car with Elizabeth, one of the Cru student leaders, and drove up the mountain to Fall Retreat. They quickly connected with Elizabeth and others at the retreat, and they found themselves understanding the gospel more deeply through the guest speakers’ talks from Romans 8. They also saw the need to spread the gospel at their school. Back on campus, Megan and Paulina became a fixture at Cru events.

     Elizabeth asked if they would like to be part of a discipleship group she would lead.  She was super nervous because she had never mentored or discipled anybody before, but Megan and Paulina immediately said “yes.”

     Elizabeth reported that “each of them are eager to go out and share their faith with other students. It’ll be a priority every week!”  Elizabeth’s hope is that the girls she is discipling would start their own discipleship group this semester with other girls who are looking to grow in their faith. This multiplication is something that we want to see happen on every campus.

     Please pray with us that Megan and Paulina would mentor others, and that Fall Retreats happening all over the US this month would see similar transformation.  We’re so grateful for partners like you helping us make disciples on every campus!