Why College Students?

Strategic Warfare

Powerful%201%25.jpgHow they are influenced in college will most likely affect them for the rest of their lives. Click here for a video. College is one of the hardest places in the world to live out the Christian life because…

The Devil knows:

· The best way to keep people from God is while they are young, rebellious and free from their parents’ influence for the first time.

· College graduates will be running the country, so if they abandon God it will have a profound effect on the entire world.

But, God is on the move at college:

11.8 million people heard the gospel through our campus ministry leading to 154,298 new believers on 2,591 campuses in the US!

But, what about the other 1,577 campuses and 20 million students?  Frankly, it’s just more than 6,000 missionaries can handle on our own—but we weren’t meant to do it alone either!  Every believer is responsible to share the gospel, and every church is responsible for the young people in their area.  Cru isn’t only out there to reach the world, but to help the Church to reach the world.

This is why I became our nation’s Church Partnership Specialist.  So far, I’ve identified some of our nation’s biggest campuses that still don’t have an evangelical ministry.  I’ve started contacting churches surrounding those schools and am beginning to launch ministries there through those churches.  I’ve gotten to launch new movements in CA, NH, NJ, MD, OK, PA and TX, seeing students share the gospel for the first time!  I’ve also bottled up some of our best training and opportunities into easy-to-use websites that I am now using to coach schools and students in NJ and across the US.  Finally, I’ve been capturing stories of how God is using Cru missionaries and churches together, so that I can help bridge the gap in places where partnership just isn’t on people’s radar.


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