Diana Edwards (2nd from the left) helping run a Cru Inner-City food packing event

Remember what God was doing last month in Brooklyn?  Check out this text from Diana: Jeff just came out of a meeting with Pastor Paul, Sasha [new Cru missionary in NYC] and a couple of others. God is about to set Brooklyn on FIRE.  And ur name was the one who connected it together!! The elbow [I called myself an elbow in the body of Christ, connecting heart to hands]!  Pastor Paul invited me to his church plant gathering Friday.  I invited Samantha [another evangelist friend] and her children. Its in her neighborhood!  Look at God!!!! Keep doing what u do!

Pastor Paul and his wife helping to reach students in Brooklyn

Email from Pastor Paul: It was a great meeting. Sam [Jews for Jesus] shared his experiences doing outreach and evangelism on campus and provided a lot of helpful information in terms of decoding the campus. He is also going to work with Cru in providing training to reach out to Jewish students. In terms of next steps, Sasha and Josh are going to set up evangelism training for members from our [church] launch team and then we will go out together on campus. They are also going to work through [a Brooklyn College student] to get a club on campus that will facilitate greater access to students and for follow up. We are also going to create a prayer group that meets at least monthly to pray for the work and the community.  I’m excited!!! I can’t wait to see where God takes this. I was blown a

Sarah and Sasha, part of the new Cru staff team in Brooklyn.

way how God brought all of us together, and you, sir, were the instrument that the Lord used. Jeff, I truly thank God for you and your heart to see His kingdom grow. Keep praying for more like them!

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