We mentioned last month how our family enjoys board games and how God has used this as a platform to build relationships with those who don’t know Him.  This month, that was taken to a new level!

At Dice Tower Con, a board game convention in town with over 3,000 people, Karen and I teamed up with our dear friend, Derrick, to host an event called “Faith in Gaming.”  The goal was to help Christians in this hobby see how God could use them in His great rescue mission with their friends. Tons of prayer went into this event and we had no idea what God would do…

We were thrilled with the turnout and the conversations!  As one person put it, “I approached this discussion thinking ‘how can faith be a subject matter in games?’ But hearing everyone’s perspectives opened me to seeing how games create a community, and how simply playing games (any games) can open up deeper conversation! That was something that didn’t really occur to me before but I now see how it can be a great opportunity to build relationships!”  Read our notes here.

Please pray for these folks to live on mission through games, and maybe get their churches reaching out that way as well.  Great articles on this here.


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