Getting Started

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How to Disciple someone


First Meeting:

Get to know each other a bit, find out what they like to do for fun, where they come from and what they’re hopeful for in their life.

Talk through the following questions.  Also, it might help with vulnerability to share your story with them.

1. What would you say discipleship is?

  • Good to see their needs, but also to see if their expectations are biblical and realistic.
  • Biblical examples:
    •  Jesus and His disciples (Throughout the Gospels) Jesus modeled ministry, did it with them, and sent them out to do it on their own.
    • Barnabas & Paul
    • Paul & Timothy

2. What are one or two areas that you would like to see growth in this semester?

3. What are one or two things to which you would like me to keep you accountable?

  • Use page 5 (these are tough questions, but very important things for us to make sure we are helping students think about)
  • For some questions, it may be good to ask 1 on 1 (for those doing group discipleship)

4. Who would you, by faith, like to take steps towards sharing the Gospel with this semester?

* I would review question #3 & #4 often.

  “Discipleship without evangelism is Christian Counseling!” (Someone famous said this, but I can’t remember who)

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