Bob Rictor speaking with students after a presentation at Full Sail UniversityOne of those who asked about a personal relationship with God at our latest event is Deepal (name changed).  When we met her, she had only been in the US for 10 days and said the conversation she had with us was “Very positive, unlike any God talks I’ve been to.”  When I asked her about it, she said the only encounters with Christians she’d witnessed were fierce debates.  But the time we took to listen to her and other students fanned a flame in her heart to hear more.

Deepal has come to 3 of our events now, and brought 2 of her friends this last time as well.  Knowing most international students never even see the inside of an American home, we’ve made efforts to reach out to her and even introduce her to our neighbors (who are from her country).

This morning, my neighbor told me that she has been hanging out with Deepal and is taking her to their church this Sunday.  Pray for Deepal as she is excited to learn!  To reach internationals students, visit

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